Honky Tonk Saturday Night

Interpret: Petr Kocman & Jamie Marshall a Amplified Acoustic Band
Rok: 2019

Monday morning comes around too soon
Feels like it’s going home time but it’s barely noon
Drag my ass from here to there
Marking time, goin‘ nowhere
Saturday seems like a year away

Tuesday, through to Friday just the same
The five day drag is draggin’on again
Foreman says You’re workin late It’s jammed up on the Interstate
Wish that I could tell him where to go

Saturday Night
Saturday Night
Turn up the honky tonk music and turn down the lights
Saturday Night
Saturday Night
Been waitin‘ five long days for a honky tonk Saturday night

Saturday I hit the bar round 8
Friends are here, I’ve got a beer
I’m on home plate
S Shoot some pool and shoot the breeze
Work my days for nights like these
Saturday Night Honky Tonk Soiree